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THEME ends 2/29/05
green fashion.
in order to celebrate the upcoming st. patricks day and main color of spring, our new theme is green fashion. take pictures of yourself (i know youre good at it you conceited slut) wearing your favorite green shirt, tacky green socks, or a closeup of your green eyes. your theme, your choice.

-one free theme-starter
-recognition&picture in our userinfo

participants so far.

previous themes:
(ended 2/15/05)
participants were:
1 bloodredscream

throwing up the peace sign.
(ended 1/15/05)
participants were:
1 xxthisdisaster
2 b4rbi3xc0r3
3 lavatorylove
4 sexysyntax
5 aphrodisiac6913
6 fall_away_x
7 burnbabyyburn
8 yourshowerscene

CONTEST ends 2/29/05
create two almost-identical banners, the only differences being the picture of the banner and the words accepted, rejected, or banned. they should all be the same size, with the same font text and color. be creative. yours will NOT count if they do not follow the rules, or if you submit one or two out of the three required banners.

example of what i'm expecting.

-picture&recognition in our userinfo
-member of the week
-promotional banner made with your picture

participants so far

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